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1/4 inch socket wrenches Assortment of 32 pieces

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1/4 inch socket wrenches Assortment of 32 pieces

Socket wrench with pressed-in bits, practical metal box for workshop applications and mobile use, robust design, professional-quality ZEBRA® tool

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Comprehensive 32 piece assortment in a sturdy metal box

  • This assortment includes basic equipment that is ideal for use in the workshop and for mobile use

  • The robust metal box with handle and clip fastening has a virtually indestructible hard foam insert with clamping effect

  • Valuable tools remain securely in place during transport

  • You can see straight away if any tools are missing

Matching sockets for the most common screw connections

  • The 1/4 inch assortment includes 12 sockets with width across flats from 4 to 14 mm

  • The practical sockets with pressed-in bits are suitable for most screw types: PH, slotted, hexagon socket (Allen) and TX

  • A screwdriver handle is a practical addition to the assortment

Powerful and efficient tightening

  • The two rigid extensions can be used to transfer force directly

  • The flexible extension also makes it possible to access hard-to-reach screws

  • The reversible ratchet has an ergonomic, robust plastic handle for comfortable and safe working

  • The small 5° arc swing enables quick and effortless tightening or loosening of the screws

  • The reversing lever can be used to switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, enabling one-hand operation

Particularly high quality for a long service life

  • The surfaces are chrome plated and polished

  • The surface provides lasting resistance against rust and ensures a far longer than average service life

  • The durability of the tools reduces costs for replacement and storage

2 Years Warranty