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Cold wood glue D3/D4
Cold wood glue D3/D4  - 1
Cold wood glue D3/D4  - 2

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Cold wood glue D3/D4

For water-resistant cold bonding on softwood, hardwood and exotic wood, in particular in the production of window frames

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Density 1.09 g/cm3, the product does not contain mineral fillers

A filled product can have a density of up to 1.30 g/cm3

A large amount of glue is applied, so as a filled product for manufacturing, consumption is around 25% higher

In a canister, a filled product occupies 70–75% of the volume, while an unfilled product occupies 90–95%

The colour of the glue is greyish or yellowish in filled products

Filled products tend to leave a grey line of glue

PVA glue with high adhesive power, for indoor gluing

Once the glue has hardened, it becomes semi-transparent without undergoing any discolouration

Strong, elastic adhesive line

With class D4 hardener, in accordance with EN 204/205

  • Polyisocyanate-based hardener

  • To catalyse D3 glue to D4 class. Add hardener for PVA glues to achieve class D4 resistance to long and frequent exposure to water and atmospheric agents
Proof of Performance

Compliant with EN 204/205, D3 and WATT 91 standards


Caution with woods containing tannin!

On wood containing high levels of tannin, the glue line may be coloured (chestnut, oak) a problem accentuated by the presence of iron

Protect from frost!

Do not apply below 6/10°C

Gluing at temperatures below 15°C may be ineffective

Storage at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C can damage the product

With the higher temperatures in the summer months, the open time is significantly reduced

While based on our best experience, the technical advice given should be considered purely as guidance, and must be confirmed through comprehensive practical tests. It does not relieve the purchaser of their responsibility to personally test our products to see whether they are suitable for the intended use

Application area

Compliant with EN 204/205, D3 and WATT 91 standards