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Tyre valve extension
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Tyre valve extension

Shatterproof and pressure-free for trucks, transporters and buses

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Pressure-free thanks to remote actuation

Air is not lost, even if the extension were to fail unexpectedly

Flexible and shatterproof thanks to a multi-layer design

Can be used without rim clamps

No need to remove hub caps on single wheels

  • Easy air-pressure checking

  • Savings of time and effort

No damage caused by breaking off or wearing through and becoming porous when shatterproof and pressureless extensions are used

  • Less tire wear

  • Lower risk of accidents

  • Less fuel consumption

  • Shorter repair times

Used by Daimler as an aftersale product



  • For vehicles with hub caps, the hub caps must be removed in order to check the tyre pressure. This leads to the tyre pressure of such vehicles not being checked very often

  • For vehicles with twin tyres, regular and safety-relevant pressure checking often cannot be performed on inner twin tires due to a broken plastic extension, loose hose extension or even missing valve extensions. This results in a greater risk of accidents and increased tyre wear.


Did you know that loss in pressure of just 0.5 bar in tyres driven 100,000 km results in an additional consumption of 875 litres and reduces the service life of tyres by more than a third?

Service life:

A deviation of just 0.6 bar from the ideal air pressure reduces the service life of tyres by 45%. In this case, the vehicle must have its tyres changed at a workshop almost twice as often as is actually necessary. If accidents occur due to insufficient tyre pressure, this translates to even longer downtimes.


The new tyre valve extension solves the problems described here! They are extremely stable, flexible, shatterproof and can be used on almost any vehicle. Tyre pressure checking is streamlined as a result, which means they pay for themselves after just a few kilometres of driving.