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Urea glue E1
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Urea glue E1

Self-curing resin powder with low formaldehyde emission for hot-gluing of wooden surfaces

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  • Because of the low emission of formaldehyde, the product, when used in presses with temperature below 80°C, is quite slow in bonding, e.g.: 60°C = 11 min. 80°C = 3 min

  • Self-extinguishing (without oxidizing products the product is self-extinguishing), if the materials used in the manufacture are fireproof, the glue does not change flammability of the piece

  • Self-hardening urea glue powder, good solubility

  • Long open time and long life in the cup

  • Good resistance to water and solvents, to limit problems with bubbles in the painting stage, low bleed and high adhesiveness

  • Low outcrop on veneer surfaces

  • Good filling power to enable levelling of unevenness of the panel (do not exceed slopes greater than 0.2 mm)

  • With max. coating of 100 g/m2, the manufactured product falls into formaldehyde emission class E1

The times should be increased by 1 minute for each millimetre of thickness

Rigid-tough glue line. If the backing material is not hard veneer, particularly when wet, there may be cracking

Caution with wood with tannin!

Do not apply under 6°C. Protect from frost

Storage at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C can cause damage to the product

The technical advice, though based on our best experience, must in any case be considered merely indicative and must be confirmed by exhaustive practical tests. This does not eliminate the purchaser's responsibility to personally test our products to see whether they are suitable for the planned use

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