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Antifreeze quick-change equipment and cleaning of the cooling system.

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  • Vacuum leak diagnostics of the cooling system without the need for complex assembly or disassembly.


  • Pressure and impulse cleaning for all components of the cooling system.

  • Effectively cleans limestone residues, iron and aluminium oxides, oil residues etc.

  • Hot and cold cleaning, meaning that the circuit can be cleaned even when the engine cannot be started (due to a fault).

  • Allows for recovery of thermostats blocked by oil residues without the need to disassemble engine parts.

  • Option to clean radiators (main and heating) independently, either assembled or disassembled from the vehicle.

  • Automatic pressure control: safe for the vehicle and the user.

Antifreeze replacement

  • Simple, fast and effective antifreeze replacement (approximate duration in light vehicle: 8 min.).

  • Vacuum replacement via the expansion tank: no need to lift or disassemble any part of the engine.

  • Option to remove antifreeze via gravity (extendible container).

  • Cleaning: no loss or spillage of antifreeze during the replacement process.

  • Removable 25 l canister allows contaminated antifreeze to be transported for easy disposal.

  • No circuit bleed required.

Complementary services

  • Removal of antifreeze for repairs: option to work dry and no antifreeze residue or spillage.

  • Leak test after repairs: option to check the system for leaks before completing repairs.